The Roads End

The Roads End is a short and mysterious film. It waas made and published in 2011 by Bri Meyer. 5/6B watched the 2 minute film in class. Overall, I think that the Roads End was a short and creepy film.

The Roads End begins with a man on the edge of a desertred road next to a crashed car. Not long after that an old man drove up to him and gave him a lift to the station, watch the clip online to find out what happens next!

The Roads End is an entertaining and mysterious film wich will keep you engaged to keep on watching, although when you watch it you may find it creepy or confusing.

To sum up, I think the Roads End was ok but needs working on. I think the man could of spoke and it could of gone for a bit longer. Out of 10 I would rate the Roads End a 6/10. Go and watch the Roads End on youtube now to see what you think about it.


4 thoughts on “The Roads End

  1. Hi Dakota,
    I think you wrote a wonderful response text and I really like your conclusion.
    What was your favourite part of the film?
    From Ella

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